Sunday, 9 January 2011

Commentary and footage of ketchup part deux

Oh dear, the Side-Flanders light didn't make too much difference!!

Ok, what I am doing in this clip is making sure that P is keeping his actions in synchrony with me.  He has to reference me for information and/or approval to make sure our interaction is on track and to modify his actions if not.

0.07  P checks in, I do thumbs up
0.19  P references again
0.21  I point to the spoon as he goes to pick up a mushroom whilst referencing again to see if we are on track
0.23 I draw his attention to the spoon, he corrects his actions
0.26  He checks in again for approval re mushrooms.  I agree
0.30  He checks in to see if we are chopping mushrooms in the same way as yesterday.  I gesture that I haven't got a mushroom - he passes the box over.
0.35  He refs again re removing the stalk
0.36  I shake my head and model a different way of chopping
0.38  P refs this and copies me
1.20  P responds to my wondering about whether it's enough mushrooms with a great reference accompanied by both facial expression and prosody.  I agree.
1.25  P begins to put mushrooms on the pizza.  I make a noise and he refs.
1.28  He references me again as he explains what he is doing.
1.30  Another reference
1.31 Reference and facial expression
1.33  Great facial expression of "oh, I dunno!"
1.34  Another reference
I remind P about frying the mushrooms first
1.46  P is being playful by putting his mushrooms on a pan lid that's on the stove (where the frying pan should be).  I respond with an 'oh no!' mock indignation
1.48  He refs to see what I think of this
1.58  I make a joke about P starting a new fashion
2.00 P refs again


  1. Hi Zoe
    The light was much better! Is it possible to add the video footage to your actual post or have you chosen to place the video at the top of the page? Just wondering! :)
    I am aiming for Nick to cook with me one day, give or take 10 years!!!!

  2. Zoe, thanks so much to you and P for sharing this. The natural quality of much of referencing is excellent.

  3. Hi Brendan

    Thanks for your feedback. It's a bit scary putting yourself and your child out there in video footage, I must admit. When I asked Philip how he felt about me doing a blog on us and our RDI adventures, he said it would be fine as long as people weren't prejudiced. That kind of sums up how I feel about it. So, am trusting people be be respectful about our choices.
    Thanks for your support.

  4. Hi Di
    I thought I'd responded to this comment already but now I think perhaps I wasn't signed in when I did it. Doh! Blog virgin!
    It would be great to have the footage of you and Nick in the supermarket on here - do you fancy doing a 'guest slot'??