Tuesday, 15 May 2012

BPP School Exclusions Project

A quick post tonight with a message from Steve Broach, who you will remember from the excellent series on   using the law to challenge cuts to services.  Over to Steve:

 I am asking for your help to spread the word in relation to the BPP School Exclusions Project, which I chair.

The Project offers free advice and representation to parents whose children have been excluded from school, whether permanently or for a fixed term. Student reps from BPP receive detailed training and have access to guidance from myself and colleagues at Doughty Street. They support families from the earliest stages in any appeal to the school governors through hearings at Independent Appeal Panels. In the past three years the student reps have achieved some fantastic results, including winning cases for children with very complex needs.

At present our referrals seem to have slowed down - yet there is no suggestion the number of children being excluded from school is decreasing. As such it would be fantastic if you could help us spread the word that the Project exists and that we have capacity to help many more excluded children and their families.

Any family who may want representation simply needs to email the project address above - schoolexclusions@my.bpp.com - and a referral form will be sent straight out.

Please pass this message on through your networks. If you have any ideas about ways we could promote the project, for example through a feature in your magazine our e-news, please get in touch with Jon, our communications officer.

Thanks in advance, and all best wishes,


BPP is a provider of professional development and professional qualifications, including flexible learning.  They provide other projects involving students advising clients under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

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