Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Philip's school newsletter: 'The Nut'

I’ve got a treat in store for you all today. Philip has been writing a newsletter about what’s been going on at school and he has agreed to share it via my blog

Just to give some background – the ‘gang’ at school is called ‘The Nutters’.  Hence the newsletter’s title.  Philip (aka Philnut) is The Captain. B is ‘The Noggin’ (brains); I is The Tactician (strategist); and L (part time member – Philip’s brother) is ‘The Marine’ (covert operations). Our newest pupil, T, has yet to be inducted.


The Nut

The stones for the visitors are all set*.
We now have four permanent students at Bright Futures!
Bright Futures hits an all time high!
The heavenly strawberries in the greenhouse have grown red, yum yum!
*Except for colour blind people.
The stones
Recently, visitors have had a hard time finding our school, (as if their useless sat nav wasn’t annoying enough.) Even though we put up a sign saying ‘Bright Futures’ it is still hard to find.
So the teachers and Zog decided we should get some rocks, paint them in different colours, cover them in PVA glue, and put them outside for the visitors to see. So then they can go right into the school instead of going up the road and down the road and up and down then finally calling Zog on the phone to help them.

This should make much less hassle, and stop wasting people’s time. There is only one more small problem. People who are colour blind will still need help, but that’s not a problem for now. I’m sure when the time comes we’ll be ready.

Pupil numbers growing!

In 2011 Bright futures only had one pupil, that was Philnut. 4 months later I got a placement at the school as well. 1 month after that B started to come to the school on Tuesday, then after 3 months B’s mum and dad asked for a statutory assessment and with SR’s help (Educational Psychologist - Ed). Oldham’s local authority gave up and let B be a permanent pupil at Bright Futures.
Today we have 4 pupils at the school and 5 try to get a placement that means more money more Nutters and more friends! However B and T are not coming full time.

On the up

Bright Futures is in full bloom today! We have 4 permanent pupils at the school the rabbits feel at home and our clock business is up and running.

The Nutters have predicted that the local authority will be paying sacks of money to us so we will be able to build the treehouse! We will also become very famous across all of Britain, so we will get lots of people trying to get a place at the school so, more money! If we had a sales chart for how successful we are it would probably look like this:

Strawberry delight
Our strawberry plants in the greenhouse are red and good to eat! Our strawberries are better than any strawberry you can go and buy in the shop. Since there fresh from the plant and haven’t been driven from Canterbury in a filthy truck they are softer than a cloud and juicier than the storeys news of the world wrote before anyone knew about phone hacking.

We hope to keep on growing these gorges strawberries every spring so we can all enjoy them. There may be a few left from this spring and maybe more to come, but if you want one you better hurry because they don’t last long around other people yum yum yum yum.

Job jar
1. Someone needs to tie back leaning branch on patio.

2. Someone needs to cut the two long plants leaning in the way of the patio back.

3. Someone needs to make a list of light bulbs that don’t work.

And there you have it – a synopsis of recent developments at Bright Futures School

Thanks Philip! (from a very proud Mum)


  1. A great first blog Philip. Keep them coming. You are part of a brave new movement and there is nothing nuts about it

  2. Philip,
    I liked the way ya'll (I'm from Texas.) solved the problem of people finding Bright Futures. The painted rocks are very eye-catching. I enjoyed reading your newsletter. Keep writing!
    Terry Dennis

  3. Hi Philip. I really enjoyed reading your first post. It was informative, encouraging and at times very amusing. I love your sense of humour! I can't wait to read your next instalment!

  4. Hi Philip,
    What a great write-up of where BF currently is. Love the use of the stones and those strawberries sound very tempting. Also great to hear you are building in pupil numbers and I would love to hear more about your clock business.

  5. Hi Philip,
    Your newsletter is great! I really liked the strawberries and the humour. It would be great to hear more about the rabbits and the clocks. Keep up the good work!
    (in Australia)

  6. G'day Philip - great 1st newsletter! I really enjoyed reading it and wished all school newsletters were as interesting as this one. Looking forward to reading your 'summer edition' newsletter!
    Libby (Downunder)

  7. Love your work, Philip...and love your names!!


  8. Dear Philip, I don't know whether my first comment arrived. I am from South Africa and loved reading your newsletter. I am not an experienced blogger. Just in case the first one did not arrive, I will say again, love your strawberries, they look juicier than ours. I would love to hear more about your clock project. I hope that you will solve the problem of colourblindness directions. Please let us know how you do this. Regards Moyra

  9. Thanks everyone for your feedback - Philip has really enjoyed getting it :)

  10. Loved your blog Philip and I can't wait for the next installment

  11. Hi Pillip, absolutely amazing!! funny and informative. You should be very proud of yourself. I am looking forward to your next instalment.