Sunday 27 September 2015

Lucy uses social referencing to co-regulate (YAY!!)

I am writing in black and Sharon’s feedback is in blue.

I popped into this session to do some modelling for Emma, as it was her first time working with Lucy and I knew how nerve-racking that can be from when I came out of my first session with Lucy dripping like a wet rag!!    I can relate to that... unpredictability re how Lucy may or may not react & how full on you may need to be = high!!!  I have the easy job here :) 

Nice setup / invite to join at the beginning.

Clip 1

0.25 Lucy tries to turn the page but I move the book away and say 'it’s not time yet'

0.44 - She goes to turn the page and references me!!  This was in response to your intake of breath. I reference her and say 'it’s not time yet' 

Clip 2 - More declarative comments and then 'time to turn' at 0.54

When I say 'it’s not time to turn yet, Lucy always seems to sing the same refrain - I'm wondering if this is perhaps a) a form of self-regulation or b) she associates the refrain with it being time/not time to do something??

Clip 3

1.15 She references me before turning the page (YES!!) and I say 'it’s not time yet'

Clip 4

1.28 Lucy sings the refrain, moves her hand to turn the page and references me at 1.29.  I catch her reference and say it’s not time yet. 

Clip 5

1.31 She moves to turn the page, references me and lets go of the page (YAY!).  This time I use non-verbal communication to say 'no' and follow it up with a verbal (I wish I hadn't used words!!)

1.40 I pause after using a declarative comment and offer her the page corner great drop in scaffolding!!  She turns the page

1.49 She reaches to turn the page, hesitates this is in response to your sudden body movement acting as an indirect prompt and references me.  I shake my head and follow up with 'not yet' (again I wish I hadn't come in with a verbal here I'm actually not sure that this doesn't act as a spotlight of her success, as you say it very quietly & gently?!?!?)

2.15 Lucy goes to turn the page and at 2.15 references me.  I use facial expression to signify 'not yet' and laugh as if to say 'ooops!'  At last - no verbals from me!  Zoe this is great... I personally think you are now in the mode of 'just me & Lucy' (not being distracted by Emma being there – this was happening a little earlier) which is why you have switched onto lowering those scaffolds further.

2.38 Lucy moves to turn the page whilst I am still talking. 4.46 She references me and I shake my head.  She stops (whoop!) double whoop, whoop!!

(Ed’s note – Sharon and I are whooping here because Lucy is using social referencing to co-regulate her actions with mine in order that we can reach a joint goal. Here, the joint goal is reading the book together and we each have specific co-regulatory roles that complement each other: my role is ‘reader’ and Lucy’s role is ‘page-turner’.  Without those co-regulatory roles, we are not in ‘together’ mode.  In the past, when Lucy has ‘read’ a book at school, she has taken the book over to her own space and looked at it on her own.  Anyone who has been with her has been observing rather than 'together' at all.

Here, Lucy is looking at my face for information about what to do next so that we can stay in the co-regulatory pattern.  She takes on board my shake of the head and uses that information to inhibit her action of turning the page……she is adjusting her actions in order to accommodate the needs of her communication partner.

The ability to adjust our actions in response to the feedback of our communication partner/s is the cornerstone of all communication.)

2.45 I offer the page corner and she turns

2.52 I comment to say I can’t see the page - to see if she registers this.  She doesn't and I say 'now I can see' at 3.05 after she has let go of the page.  Yes this demonstrates that Lucy is not anywhere near this stage of development yet... I think it was old Stage 3 maybe 4!?!?

3.15 She starts singing the refrain and references me.  I nod and offer her the page corner. The scaffolding has been able to be dropped immensely in such a short space of time... I'm absolutely amazed.  She is already a different child to those initial clips of her in Nursery.  You are all doing such a wonderful job with her.  (Ed’s note: *blushes* on behalf of school staff)

At the end, Lucy tries to take the book off me but I hold onto it and say I am going to give it to Emma so they can read together if she wants to read it again.  I think this is another of those difficult to call from observation.... it seems that Lucy was already starting to let go of the book in response to your comment, do you think that was the case?  If not then that would be an area to think about.... model what you want to see is my motto... if you don't want Lucy to grab things from another then you need to model the pause of waiting for another to hand the object over.  This is similar to the feedback given over the parting with toys rather than taking from her.

(Ed’s note: I think Sharon is right here, having looked back at the footage – Lucy was already starting to let go of the book so no further comment from me was necessary.)

Where to: I really have nothing to add other than you will need to be pre-planning lowering of scaffolding as Lucy seems to be catching on at an amazing rate that she plays a role within interactions!  Looks like she could be keeping us on our toes :)
My final comment is that me and Jo (Lucy’s keyworker) have been ridiculously excited this week with the progress Lucy is making.  It just goes to show the power of getting the environment and the communication and interaction framework right.  Love RDI.  Love my job.

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