Saturday, 16 April 2016

7 Days of Action: The ATU Scandal

After the Winterbourne View scandal in 2011 the government pledged to close all Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs) by 2014 but there are still 3000 people living in these institutions, sometimes hundreds of miles away from their families.

Can you imagine living a day in a place they call a 'unit'? Here's the story of Eden Evans who's lived in one of these 'units' for 7 years.  Connor Sparrowhawk, Nico Reed, Thomas Rawnsley and Stephanie Bincliffe died preventable deaths in these institutions.  There was no 'assessment' and no 'treatment'.....other than dreadful abuses of human rights.

Get involved in 7 days of action, which starts on Monday 18th April 2016.

Read and follow the blog The ATUs Scandal.

Join the Facebook group.

Share the stories - on social media, verbally, send the links to people you know.

Sign the petitions.

Contact your local press and media.

Lobby your MPs.

Write to your local commissioners.

Discuss how to stop family members being sent to ATUs.

Learn your Mental Health Act & Mental Capacity Act to stop this happening to your family members.

Support the families’ legal action.

Can you offer lifts to families who have hundreds of miles to travel to visit their loved ones?

Can you offer overnight accommodation if you live near to any of the ATUs?

If you can help, get in touch via the ATU Scandal blog.


     Connor (LB)


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