Wednesday 19 September 2012

Parental feedback about how RDI is helping their families

A fellow RDI Consultant recently asked a few parents that she works with about why they chose to learn about Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) and what makes it effective for them. 

One parent described how she felt such intense pressure that she would have to teach her child the solution to every problem that he might ever face. In RDI, she has focused on increasing his dynamic intelligence, or his ability to make decisions in increasingly complex and challenging environments. This parent reports that she first had to strengthen her own decision making in relation to her child. She needed to become less problem focused, and more focused on her own thinking. She reports that RDI has taught her how to self-reflect, and that this self-reflection has lead to surprising changes in her child. 

Here is what two other mothers are saying: 

"I started RDI in January and in just a few months have already seen positive improvements in my boys which has helped my household be more manageable and peaceful.  I had problems really connecting with one of my twins, he was distant and not very loving with me and it was painful to see in the videos how much I tried to hard to get him to interact but would get nothing in return.  With just a few guiding activities he learned that I was interesting and that it was fun to do activities with mom.  Now this twin is very close to me, openly loving, caring and shows empathy. It is amazing that growth in one developmental area has helped him blossom in so many different areas.  I can't say enough positive things about RDI, it is life changing and is the missing piece that my kids needed to learn to communicate and interact in a more natural and typical manner." 

Yvette, S., parent of 6 year-old twins with autism

"RDI has been life changing for my family.  Our consultant gets it and works hard to help me get it as well.  Even though we are relatively new to RDI, we have already experienced positive changes in our home. Our interactions are healthier and I am becoming a more confident guide.  I am grateful that RDI is a part of our lives.  It gives me hope for a better future."

-Lisa L., Escondido, parent of two children with Asperger's ages 8 and 11